Astera (FastMoving) – Pharmaceutical traceability software


4i has developed 3 traceability applications for CERP Rouen, (ASTERA group) for the distribution of medicine and relations between pharmacies :
  • Verification of branch supplies from distribution center : FastMoving Branches
  • Verification of drug container deliveries and paramedical products to pharmacies : FastMoving Delivery.
  • Monitoring of parcel exchanges between pharmacies : FastMoving Packages.
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FastMoving Branches

Drugs are delivered to each branch by means of plastic containers identified by bar codes. The trays are grouped on pallets by branch. The pallets are loaded into the semi-trailers to be delivered during the night. FastMoving Branch aims to check if the drug containers are deposited on the pallets of the receiving branch. During pallet assembly, the product scan makes it possible to locate the identifier of the pallet that is linked to the branch. Then each container is scanned, and its destination verified. An alarm rings if you place a container from one branch on another’s pallet. The software prints the contents of each pallet as well as the destination labels. When the truck is loaded, the identifier of the truck which is assigned to a tour and to the delivery of a series of branches, is scanned. If a pallet is loaded into a truck headed for another tour, an alarm rings. The driver takes a portable terminal with him (Motorola MC9090) which contains all the pallets that he must deliver, branch by branch. Arriving at a branch, the driver scans the branch identifier and all pallets intended for him. Any unloading error is immediately reported.

FastMoving Deliveries

FastMoving Deliveries consists of checking that the right containers are delivered to the right pharmacies. This verification is done in two stage:
  • Checking the loading of vans
  • Checking delivery in the pharmacy.
When loading the van, the driver checks whether each container he loads is for his tour. All supporting documents are added. Upon departure, checks are carried out, such as compliance with departure time. He carries a barcode terminal (MC55) which contains the entire tour. During the tour, at each pharmacy the driver scans the containers and thus checks whether the correct container is delivered to the correct pharmacy. Upon its return, the identification terminal transfers all the containers delivered, with the place of delivery and the time

FastMoving Packages

FastMoving Packages optimises the traceability of the parcels that pharmacies exchange by using the CERP delivery network. A pharmacist who wishes to send a package to a colleague orders a stamp on the Astera site, that includes the name and address of the sending pharmacy and the recipient. The parcel is picked up by CERP drivers during deliveries. Back at the agency, the parcel is processed and shipped to the recipient if it is from the same region or redirected to another agency via inter-branch circuits. The use of barcode identification makes it possible to guarantee the traceability of the parcel, to maximise the management of deliveries and to facilitate sorting in the branch.