Data storage and exchange by radio identification (rfid)

Store and exchange data in an automated way with the RFID reader by « 4i »!

Radio frequency identification is the set of technologies for exchanging data between an identification chip and a receiver. The RFID module is therefore the ideal solution for tracking and identifying goods during the various stages of a supply chain. You can implement this electronic chip in the labels affixed to pallets, crates, containers or even individual products. The benefits are multiple: knowledge of inventory, reduced loss and error rate, increased efficiency, increased profitability and more compliance.

Technical Info

here are 3 frequency families: LF (low – 125kHz), HF (high – 13.56 MHZ) and UHF (ultra high 868MHz) available to meet application needs and security requirements. There are 2 types of RFID support: active (with battery) or passive (without battery). The most widely used in logistics is the passive UHF standard according to the EPG Gen2 standard, currently in its 2.1 version. This standard allows for the automatic storage and exchange of data in all flows of the supply chain (supermarkets, etc.). The most commonly used RFID identification is the HF family: contactless payment cards, access badges, passports, etc. And yes, RFID technology is everywhere! Be aware that the RFID chip contains a unique ID and may contain memory areas, in addition to barcode identification. Metallic environments act as a brake for RFID transmission. The use of specific RFID tags (chip-antenna-support assembly) is therefore recommended.

The “4i” solution

“4i” is the expert who will guide you in the implementation of RFID technology. Our team has the knowledge to carry out the qualification of your project using different types of reading materials and tags. You will then get the best results and a return on investment, as fast as possible! What we offer :

  • Drafting of the specifications
  • Making a sample model
  • Creation and implementation of a specific software interface
  • Support and Maintenance Service