the application for a better traceability of processes

4check, what is it for ?

4check is a solution that allows for the digitization of forms by means of robust mobile terminals of the PDA type. It’s very easy to use, fluid and flexible.

4check,who is it for ? *





* But not only, 4 check can suit many other areas

And yes... flawless traceability, it exists !

4check, is the business application created by our experts to make your job easier. 
Connected in wifi or 4G, the system allows you to track information in real time, manage task documentation by taking photos but also allows you to use the data collected, all to better serve your own customers.

And yes... flawless traceability, it exists !

A real time saver and a guarantee of quality!
Composed of a web interface and an Android application, 4Check can be connected to the existing computer system in order to recover important data


Planning module

Dashboard module

Multilingual module

Customers and Contacts module

Departement module

Managing users, profiles and acces rights module

We offer a complete solution to manage your electronic forms

Customers and Contacts module

4check Application

Cloud space